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Krawlin' to the Kraken!

HEY Y'ALL! Due to some late cancellations, I'm going to do a set of solo songs at the Kraken tonight! Starting 8ish, Plus Lance White and THIS Tim Smith, Mitch, and other musical luminaries with yours truly on bass cranking it up and making noise. Will be fun and free wheeling!

Come on out!

PS Be safe, but roads generally great! Been out all day since 7 am and had no problems. Gonna be a hoot!
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1 week ago


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Wanna do a couple, Barry Gray??

Here is a clip of me singing "Don't Do Me Like That" at the Cat's Cradle, as part of the wonderful benefit for victims of the Vegas shooting. Only one of a few times in all my decades of performing I ever got up there without a bass or acoustic strapped on....before it started, joked about how naked I felt.

Thanks so much to Abigail Sheriff for organizing this cat circus and having it run so well. Thanks to the Cat's Cradle for offering up their superb venue. And thanks to old music bud Jefferson Hart and his Ghosts for including me in their segment. What a fantastic music community we have in NC!

www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBjp9z9WY2o&feature=youtu.beHeartbroken: A Tom Petty Tribute to Benefit Las Vegas Victims. Symen Blumenfeld on bass. Randy Benefield on drums. Brian Yamamoto on guitar and vocals. Scott...
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2 weeks ago

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Pleased that the area's best DJs, Kirk and Bob, are rebroadcasting a January 2017 show with me and amazing singer songwriter friend Dean Driver and Kirk Ridge. Tune in tomorrow, 12/29 at 6!

Dean Driver, Glenn Jones, Kirk Ridge Songwriter Round Replay 1/20/17

Dean Driver, Glenn Jones, Kirk Ridge Songwriter Round Replay 1/20/17Dec 29, 6:00pmWHUPSongwriters Round with Dean Driver, Glenn Jones and Kirk Ridge Dean Driver: www.reverbnation.com/deandriver Kirk Ridge: www.kirkridgemusic.com/
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Dean Driver, Glenn Jones, Kirk Ridge Songwriter Round Replay 1/20/17

3 weeks ago

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